The Art of Relationship – 4 month Relational Skills Training

15 maart 2017 @ 10:00 – 18:00
€600,- ex btw
ConnectionLab en Catalyze
The Art of Relationship - 4 month Relational Skills Training

When I first started Circling some five years ago, I was blown away by its capacity to create deep connection – fast. It is the thing I have been practising and teaching that has taught me the most about human relationship and the way people interact. It has changed my relationships – all my relationships – and the way I relate for the better. In my life, at this moment, my relationships are rich, open, beautiful and nourishing. Not just at home, but also at work.

What I am most passionate about in Circling, is how this practise builds skills fast. Skills you can apply in your day-to-day life, as soon as you walk out the door. Skills that allow you to have agency around how you want to show up in the world, and in your relationships.

I believe that better relationships create a better life, and ultimately a better world.

Our world is built on relationship; everything we do involves people and how we interact with them. If you look closely, how you relate to one thing, is how you relate to everything. So practising your relational skills, your patterning, your way of behaving in connection, is essential if you want to build a larger capacity to be with yourself and others.

And that is why we created this training: to pass some of these skills on. In service of your relationships. Be it at work, in leadership, at home, with your loved ones, with your kids, your parents, or with yourself.

Often the relational field can seem somehow intangible, where ‘things just happen’, or where you do not seem to have much influence. We want to show you that relationship is something you can actively build capacity in.

This training offers you an array of skills that together build that deeper relational capacity. Practical, tangible, repeatable. We will explore core building blocks, demystify some of the elusiveness of connection and guide you towards more choice in the way of you relate.

What can you expect?
  • Practical, tried and tested relational skills.

  • Understanding your ‘relational imprints’ and how they impact all your relationships.

  • Building capacity, agency and personal leadership to choose how you want to show up in relationship and act accordingly.

  • Tools to transform ‘sticky’ situations.

  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others, leading to more fulfilling, mutually beneficial and productive relationships.

Who are you?
  • You yearn for more connection in your life.

  • You want to have more capacity and understanding of the relational field.

  • Working with people is a vital component of what you do – which makes training your skills relevant.

  • You have a sense that more authenticity, trust, flow and aliveness is possible in your relationships and you want to know how to get there.

  • You have heard about vulnerability being a good thing in connection and you want a safe space to explore what this means.

Who are we?

Anke Verhees

I am a coach, group facilitator and lover of all things human and relational. What makes people tick, makes me tick, and I am passionate about supporting people in finding more connection to themselves and to the people around them.

I was lucky to be part of the very first Circling workshop ever given in Europe, in 2011. During that workshop, it simply felt like things were clicking into place. It turned out to be the beginning of an amazing ride that has taught me so much, and still continues to do so.  I became a passionate practitioner of Authentic Relating, initially exploring with friends in our living rooms in Amsterdam, later as a co-owner of Authentic Europe, one of the first companies spreading this work in Europe, and currently teaching and coaching through my own company: ConnectionLab.

For me, authentic connection involves vulnerability, courage, a passion for life and curiosity. It is not for the faint-hearted, it requires fully showing up. And I would not have it any other way; my life has grown bigger, more adventurous and more at ease ever since I started more deeply relating to myself and others. I feel privileged to have been able to make my passion into my work,  and to support people on a daily basis, bringing more connection into their lives.

My mission: to spread love.

Miriam van Groen

About 5 years ago I went to my first Circling workshop because a friend said: ‘You’ll love it, just come.’ And I did. Never had I been so sure I wanted more of something in my life! I was part of the first 6 month training in Europe and have been leading and assisting events ever since, as well as getting Circled myself.

I can safely say  that some of the main things holding me back from being happy and expressing myself fully, began shifting as a direct result of being Circled and Circling others. I continue to be touched by its powerful simplicity every time, and I am passionate about the potential that this practice holds for us personally and collectively.

After teaching for 6 years, I burnt out a year ago. The skills I learned by Circling and the community of friends that I had also built, made this last year very rich in learning and connection. I have since left my job at university, but renewed my committed to bringing more well-being into the places we spend so much of our lives: the office. To that end I bring my balance of masculine and feminine traits; mind and heart; structure and care; and openness about what is going on for me.

My mission: tending to possibility.

About Circling

Circling is a highly effective relational practice that boosts the depth in your relationships, both with yourself and others.

It is a combination of meditative presence, body awareness and non-violent communication, combined with true curiosity and a readiness to show up in vulnerability.

We practise simply being present with what arises in the moment, both in ourselves, and in connection with other people, stepping away from story and assumption, fixing or changing. Circling allows you to express yourself fully and to be seen as you are.

Circling fastly building relational capacity and increasing sensitivity to what is happing in you and around you. The process allows your relational blindspots to become visible, and gives you insight into your impact, your stories, how you are perceived and how you are perceiving. It is a beautiful and extremely efficient way to highlight where you are not present, by becoming more present. And the beauty is; it is not rocket science. All you need is a willlingness to show up and be vulnerable, and a brave heart.

What do you get?
  • A safe environment to practise, for a consistent period of time.

  • A small group size of maximum 10 people.

    Experienced teachers that are in it with you, have walked the path and are still doing so every day.

  • 6 training days, divided over 4 months.

  • A lot of personal attention and an individual tailor-made approach.

  • Optional additional support in the form of coaching (Anke) or body-based discovery (Miriam).

  • Start date: Wednesday March 15th, 2017 (Follow up dates: April 5th, April 26th, May 17th, June 7th and June 21st).

  • Times: 10.00 – 18.00.

  • Location: Amsterdam.

  • Maximum amount of people: 10.

  • Costs: 600 euros ex 21% VAT.

  • To sign up, send an email to

If you have questions or if you want to explore if this is a right match for you, feel free to reach out.

We look forward to seeing you.

Anke & Miriam