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Art of Connection weekend Amsterdam

12 juni 2021 - 13 juni 2021

€ 350

This workshop will go ahead in person if possible, depending on government regulations, and with a clear covid protocol. We will limit the maximum amount of participants.

We invite you to a full weekend of exploring yourself in connection!
We all connect with people, every day, all day long. It may a conversation with a colleague, a quick interaction in the supermarket or a deep conversation with your intimate partner.

Yet, we never really learn the art of connection. The way to create an intentional space, offer feedback in a way it can be received, or simply really listen to what somebody is saying, instead of just waiting for an opening to speak.

Many of our encounters happen on ‘auto-pilot’. Yet what if you could bring more consciousness to the way you relate? Bring the quality of attention that you have on your meditation cushion, when you are in nature or are really absorbed in something you love, to the person in front of you?

That is where magic happens. And that is what has changed all of our lives, and relationships, for the better. At home, at work, and even with ourselves.
During this weekend I am working together with a stellar team. We are excited to offer you the tools that have radically shifted our personal and professional relationships to places of depth, authenticity and beauty. We will show you that relationship is something you can actively build capacity in ánd how to do it.

Art of Connection offers you an array of skills that together build that deeper relational capacity. We will explore core building blocks, demystify some of the elusiveness of connection and guide you towards more choice in the way you relate; opening up the possibility of more joy, intimacy and better understanding.

What can you expect?

  • A place to safely explore yourself in connection;
  • A stronger capacity to hold more of you and other;
  • A heightened awareness and sensitivity of what is happening in you and around you;
  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others, leading to more fulfilling, mutually beneficial and productive relationships;
  • A container to practise your capacity, agency and personal leadership in relationship;
  • Practical, tried and tested relational skills;
  • And hopefully, a much deeper appreciation of the beautiful life we live – together.
  • How will we do it?
    During this weekend we will offer you the basics of the practices of Authentic Relating and Circling.

    Circling creates deep connection – fast. It is the thing we have been practicing and teaching that has taught us the most about human relationship and the way people interact. It has changed our relationships – all our relationships – and the way we relate for the better. In our lives, at this moment, our relationships are rich, open, beautiful and nourishing. Not just at home, but also at work.

    What we are most passionate about in Circling, is how this practice builds skills fast. Skills you can apply in your day-to-day life, as soon as you walk out the door. Skills that allow you to have agency around how you want to show up in the world, and in your relationships.

    Circling is a combination of meditative presence, body awareness and non-violent communication, combined with true curiosity and a readiness to show up in vulnerability. We practice simply being present with what arises in the moment, both in ourselves, and in connection with other people, stepping away from story and assumption, fixing or changing.

    Circling allows you to express yourself fully and to be seen as you are. It is a beautiful and extremely efficient way to highlight where you are not present, by becoming more present. And the beauty is; it is not rocket science. All you need is a willingness to show up and be vulnerable, and a brave heart.

    Practical information
    We are very happy to cocreate and host this event with De Meditatietuin. De Meditatietuin is a beautiful Urban Retreat Center located in the middle of the Amstelpark in Amsterdam.

    Location: De Meditatietuin, Amstelpark 6, 1083 HZ Amsterdam
    Dates: 12 & 13 June 2021
    Times: Saturday 10.00 – 18.00, Sunday 10.00 – 18.00
    Investment: € 350,-*
    Cancellation policy: you can cancel attendance up to 2 weeks before the event. After that, payed fees are non-refundable (exempting a change in covid-regulations or in case of covid-infection)
    * Price including VAT for private individuals, excluding VAT for businesses.
    Covid-protocol: We are committed to offering you a safe space, also in Corona-terms. We have capped the numbers for this weekend, rapid tests are mandatory both days and we will keep 1,5 metres distance during the weekend. The workshop takes place at the beautiful Meditatietuin, an urban retreat center located in the middle of Amstelpark. We will have lots of opportunities to go outside and air out the space.
    Register here:

    Do you have questions?
    Anything you would like to know – feel free to reach out to me here.

    If you would like to join, you can schedule an enrolment conversation here.

    We look forward to meeting you.

    Anke, Andrew, Miriam & April

    “I came to the workshop without any prior knowledge about Circling. I was pleasantly surprised to get so much out from it because at this stage of my life I am actively learning about relating to other people. And this is by far the best and fastest way to learn it! Right there at the spot I became more honest with myself and others, I learned not to be afraid to share what I feel and think, and even to share that very fear of sharing. Because it’s fine to be afraid. It’s fine to talk about it, to feel heard and understood. The more honest I was, the more recognition from others I felt. It’s this authenticity which creates real deep connections, and not trying to please others by guessing what they want to hear. Special thanks to the team for doing a great job facilitating!” ~ Konstantin Youdenko


    12 juni 2021
    13 juni 2021
    € 350


    De Meditatietuin


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