Miriam van Groen

Miriam Aletheia2013My journey into this practice started when I was shaken to my core during my first encounter with it. Some of the main obstacles holding me back from being happy and expressing myself fully began shifting as a direct result of being circled. This seemed quite paradoxical, since the aim was to NOT change anything. I continue to be touched by its powerful simplicity every time, and I am passionate about the potential that this practice holds for us personally and collectively.

Over the last years I have worked and trained extensively with two of the main organisations that brought Circling to Europe: Circling Europe (see also the beautiful short video on their home page) and Authentic Europe. Participants appreciate my balance of masculine and feminine traits, which make me able to be both structured and gentle, to provide piercing insights and soft but firm hugs, and to lead from my own vulnerability.


  • Creating a safe environment
  • Getting curious about everything while curating what to focus on
  • Showing all of what is going on for me

If you are curious to experience Circling in your area for an evening and/or weekend, I truly invite you to send me a message so we can explore the options!

Guest facilitators

Although I am the owner of Catalyze, I work with many great Circlers, both experienced and in training. They either live in the area of the workshop and host me, or travel with me. It is a true blessing to have such support available to me, and mainly of course to you as a participant.

Philipe Andriessen (NL)


Philipe is also a certified Circling facilitator, from the same SAS-cohort as Miriam. He has a great love of meditation. His enthusiasm for what happens when people really see each other is highly contagious.

Kim van der Hulst (NL)

ForenoKim has been involved with meditation and personal development for years. His strong bond with Miriam and his growing interest in Circling led him to start leading workshops with her. His enormous calm and acceptance of each moment give any Circle he’s part of a solid foundation of openness. He is currently travelling the world with his beloved Erin, teaching workshops that bring their unique blend of insights (e.g. about successful relationships) to more people.

Ellen Waenink (NL)

EllenEllen and Miriam became fast friends through Circling together on various weekends. Together with Philipe, Jayne, Louise and 6 other pioneers, they were part of the first European intensive Circling training. She is both warm and clear, feels herself and others really well, and chooses the path in the circle that will lead it to its deepest possible place.

Rob Macleod (Belgium/Canada)


Originally from Canada, Rob was drawn to Circling after hours on a meditation cushion didn’t bringing the authenticity to his interactions with others he desired. His heart has been touched by this work and he feels excited helping to provide the experience for others. He works as a school teacher by day and is carefully applying the principles of Circling in his work with kids.

Jayne Jones (UK)


Jayne has been inspired by this beautiful practice since first experiencing Circling in Amsterdam in 2013. She has since travelled to Europe and the USA to develop skills and experience in leading circles and is now excited to be working with Miriam to bring Circling to her home city of Hull. Her background is in art practice and tutoring.

Deborah Scherz (Belgium)


Deborah learned about Circling at Venwoude, a community and venue for personal growth work near Utrecht. She was immediately touched by the practice, so much so that she organised the first Circling weekends in Belgium together with Circling Europe. She is now participating in their 6-month training together with Berbel and Lucas. With her powerful, feminine presence she invites you to come home in yourself and the world more and more. 

Stephanie Lisa Kelly (Belgium)


Steph has a background in psychology and facilitation, is a budding coach, and blogs at She now leads regular Authentic Relating evenings in Brussels and is interested in any practice that brings more authenticity to our relationships.